How The New Twitter ‘Edit Post’ Button Impacts The Platform’s Flow Of Information And Usability

After years of debates, ideological wars on. this topic, and appeals from celebrities. such as Kim Kardashian asking for the post. editing feature, Twitter decided to give. in to the public’s requests. But contrary to what has been widely. speculated, this feature. has nothing to do with the Twitter poll by freedom .of speech critic, Elon Musk. The platform made. it very clear that “We didn’t take. this from a poll”, referencing a post. by the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX on the social network.

How to use the Edit Tweets button without losing everything

When it comes to using the edit Tweets button on a daily basis on. the social network, it’s easy to find opinions both in favor and definitely. against this new feature. Serious doubts exist around how to manage this edited information without jeopardizing. the credibility of content calling lists creators and companies that work with Twitter. This must be and thought out. in such a way that this new tool does not promote chaos and a sense of insecurity for users from the web.

After all, Twitter is known for being a platform where people have the freedom to write what they think quickly and practically. This often leads to the mass sharing of disinformation far more quickly, and fake news being spread.across the timeline of Twitter users.

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But getting away from this problem, editing tweets can be an incredible resource for those who create content on the social network. After all, it is very easy to make a typo or upload an incorrect file when launching a campaign.

And the solution we have today to fix BX Leads this is to delete the tweet, which becomes a problem when this tweet has already. been  and has already been viewed by thousands of users. In these cases, editing comes in as a savior tool for brands that need a simple correction option instead of deleting a tweet altogether.

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