Form builders that interface with tools

These are plugins develope for each email marketing platform and are designe to connect WordPress with said platform to be able to easily insert contact forms using shortcodes . The main advantage is that the integration is direct via API . That is, when a person registers from the form that is displaye in WordPress,they are automatically adde to your contact list of the tool you use (Acumbamail, MailChimp, ActiveCampaing… whatever)  The other type that we find within the WordPress plugin repository are the builders. These are develope by companies independent of email marketing platforms and have integrations with different tools.

The idea is to offer a series of

Extra features such as building forms, pop ups, offers and specific lead magnets per page… endless marketing actions focuse on capturing emails . We will look at three such plugins below. 7 plugins to attract subscribers from WordPress Argentina Phone Number List Now yes, it is time to see what plugins you have at your fingertips to attract potential customers effectively and easily. MailPoet email marketing plugins mailpoet  Type: Email marketing tool for WordPress  Price: Free plan up to 1,000 and then from €10 / month  Features: MailPoet is one of those plugins that is fully integrate into WordPress . I have sometimes come across plugins that are outdate and not compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Therefore, it is interesting that you check that they work correctly and are under maintenance in case any problem arises.

What does this mean?

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Well, both user management, campaign creation and analytics are managewithin the WordPress control panel. That is, not from the MailPoet website. Among the outstanding functions is the creation of newsletters to send the latest articles publisheon the blog. Although it also allows you to build welcome emails and templates. Perhaps the most interesting thing is the integration with WooCommerce to automate certain abandond cart shipments or segment the list by type of customer. This is only available on payment plans. accumbamail email marketing plugin acumbamail Type. Compatibility with your version of WordPress It may seem like a no-brainer but .

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