Examples of chatbots to be inspired by

You will be able to observe what are the frequent questions and concerns that your potential clients have to make guides or tutorials on that subject and offer them to them. In the same way, these topics could be interesting to convert them into blog articles to take advantage of organic positioning and thus attract new prospects through SEO.  You already know that in this blog we like to be practical so that you can take away knowledge that you can apply in your business . We are going to see different examples of companies that use chatbots and how they use them.

Webcompany The case of

Webempresa is very interesting. It has two different chatbots. One for the public part of the web, aimed at potential customers One for the Bahrain Phone Number List internal part addressed to customers If you look at the one on the public website, you will see that first ask for email. Come on, that chatbot is a lead capture machine . company web chatbot example However, internally, customers can open two different chats: one focused on technical support and the other on administrative aspects, billing … everything that is not technical. advantages chatbot webcompany accumbamail Without going too far, at this point I want to show you how we use the chatbot in Acumbamail.

We offer two options

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One more focused on solving doubts and the other on chatting in real time with a support person. The chatbot is very practical when it comes to answering user questions . Although we suggest some articles with frequent questions, thanks to the. System that we have implemented in the chatbot. It is capable of displaying an answer to the query BX Leads that is written. If no answer is found, we suggest going to the chat and sending. A message to our agents so that the support is much more personalized . acumbamail chatbot MediaMarkt. The MediaMarkt electronics store also relies on a chatbot to expedite its customers’ queries.

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