Everything that happens in the country since 220

You, Olga Borisovna, should have heard remarks in your direction that a huge part of the participants in the Russian film distribution market, according to you, should exist. People want to live and work for their own pleasure – like you, your subordinates, the Cinema Fund, producers – and not to drag a knapsack on their backs with debts that were hung on them through no fault of their own. And about the risks, finish the song or go with all the bureaucracy back to management schools or, at worst, to any institute.  has the nature of unforeseen circumstances.

Everyone knows and

understands this, except for those Someone came up with it – they didn’t like it, because they violate the rights of those who threw Russian citizens in the spring of 2022. Under any pretext, officials and cinema networks come to their defense, my opinion, of course. The law covers up their powerlessness before them – and this is when. Parallel imports for all other goods are flourishing in Russia with might and main. Cinema is just a commodity, and stories about copyright differences and the. Like are interesting to listen to, sometimes informative, but do not help business.

The result of the year: we do not help cinemas

ecause they did not offer options for helping themselves, and. MK is not able to resolve this situation in ten months. Like the cultural adviser, who promised help at the end of May 2022, he no longer remembered the poor fellows. And cinemas are not poor fellows at all. Those who decide to survive churn their thin milk into low-fat oil. Under the pressure of assessments of whiners and sufferers. I was only surprised that even the producers did not stand up for. The cinemas – it is clear that some individuals, of course, understand the situation and support, but they are few.

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