Discover what Thin Content is & How to Fix it

However, sometimes in the pursuit. of perfect SEO, we forget. about this core principle. and focus instead on trying to hit specific. keywords or publish a certain number of blog pages.

Google wants us to show our most valuable. content to users, and if our content doesn’t have any substance or depth, it can seriously hurt our rankings .and damage our authority standing on Google.

This thin content needs to be fixed .and  from your website to avoid damages and help  readers. with better information.

What is Thin Content

Sometimes in the effort to create content, hit keywords, and keep up with competitors, we produce thin content just to get something out there.

But, rather than call lists helping us, thin content actually damages our SEO.

Google is always looking for content that matches the search intent of a user. When a user enters a search query, they want to get the answer they are looking for.

It’s your job to convince Google that you are answering the question that the user is asking, and when you have short, unhelpful copy, you aren’t able to accomplish that.

Lacks Depth

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The biggest indicator of thin content is that it lacks depth or usefulness.

If you build your content around BX Leads keywords, as many do, you need to cover every aspect of that keyword in your copy.

If you only briefly answer the question being asked or just skim the surface of a topic, you likely aren’t providing enough value to your readers.

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