Depending on the content of your landing pages

The first is asking yourself how many keywords do I have and what do I do with them? It’s usually recommend that you have a minimum of 5 keywords to create a new ad group, but I often aim for 15-20. In some cases, you might have as many as 50, but I often try to avoid that. So, with all of this being said, you probably have 5 leftover keywords pertaining to shoelaces. You can take these 5 remaining keywords and see if they fit in any of the existing ad groups. Does “shoelaces for dress shoes” belong in the “dress shoe” ad group? and the copy in the ad, this might be an easy solution.

Before launching into a marketing campaign

If not consider creating a small ad group and being happy with having only 5 keywords in it. If the words don’t generate a lot of search volume, that ad phone number list group might not get a lot of play, but if you do your best to write great ads you can maximize their impressions. No matter what you choose, make sure it meets your nes. For a majority of my readers choosing to not pay for leftover keywords will be the way to go. Only you will know what will work best for your business.

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While there are a number of popular marketing tactics and strategies, jumping into any strategy without proper planning hardly ever yields the desir result., I believe you BX Leads must answer a few simple questions key to any strategy. to learn more. Video Transcript: So as I talk about in the opening, we’re going to be talking about three questions with sub questions underneath, that we ne to be asking ourselves when it comes to creating a marketing strategy, a KPI strategy, that’s going to deliver the results that we’re looking for.

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