Definition container format and video codec

Definition container format and video codec. To clarify concepts, it is important to define what a container format is and what a video codec is, totally different things. The container format is the file format, the drawer that encompasses all the material (video, audio, etc.). while the video codec is the format that is related to the video part and is not entirely essential.

Types of video formats and codecs

 Types of video formats and codecs. This format is one of the best known and most used as a container mainly to store series. Therefore, movies email database and other similar videos. The avi came to light in 1992 and was undoubtedly. Therefore, the video export file par excellence since it was fully compatible with Windows, Apple, Linux, Unix, etc. It is currently one of the most standard formats used with the Windows OS. But not everything can be good, and if we talk about disadvantages we will say that the memory used to store audio and video information is large.

MPG format

MPG format. A video format with worldwide compatibility. Therefore, whose audio and video compression with little loss of quality makes. Therefore, it possible to easily download these files from a website. The MPG file is in turn divided into MPG-1, MPG-2, MPG-3, and MPG-4, each of these with a different quality and which I explain below: MPG-1: Quality compared to the obsolete VHS format of yesteryear, resolution of 352×240. MPG-2: Equipped with a slightly higher BX Leads quality that can be compared to that of analog television. Its resolution is 720×486. This format was responsible for the success of DVD Video.

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