Converting Readers To Leads: How To Optimize Blog Posts For Lead Generation

Well… at the end of the day, we are professionals, working in companies. If they don’t sell, they are not going to invest more in our educational content – and they won’t even have money to pay us.

So, we better do our parts to help our companies grow sales and ensure that we can pay our bills, too.

How can you make sure your content will not only teach, entertain, or solve the issues for the readers but also leave them one step closer to being part of your customer base?

I’ll give you some tips based on my experience trying to convert the 7 million worldwide readers that Rock Content attracts to its blogs every month.

Organizing the workspace

At Rock Content, a global leader in content marketing, we have four content solutions plus an 80,000 freelancers talent network and a worldwide presence, especially in the US, Brazil, and Mexico (in other words, we work with three languages).

So, to make sure that all content editors that work in our blogs would know how to promote our lead gen assets, we:

Documented all of them;

Started increasing this documentation how to buy bulk phone numbers with all the promotional materials available for them.

This can be a super simple task or a Hercules’ job. 

At Rock Content, it was more like the last one: at the end, we discovered that we have more than 300 landing pages for  webinars, spreadsheets, demo requests, etc. in Portuguese. We also have around 150 in Spanish, and 120 in English.

You need to know your audience

We know that our content is not fully read 100% of the time. Depending on the reader’s needs, they will only scan the text, eager to find what they are looking for with the minimum amount of effort.

With that in mind, we need to make BX Leads sure that we’ll have a call to action (CTA) and an offer for every type of reader.

If your text is about “Interactive Content” and you have a deep strong  about it, for example, add CTAs to it more than once, and, if possible, in different.

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