What is the function of a table of contents in Word

A table of contents consists of a compilation of the. Therefore, topics addressed in a specific production. Likewise, it is a structure that reflects the content. Therefore, of a web page, making it easier to obtain information by including links to each of its sections.

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What is a table of contents

When accessing a web page, the first thing the user sees is a brief introduction. In conclusion, about its reason for executive data existence and/or purposes. If we compare this environment to that found in a book, we can say that this description is equivalent to the cover and the table of contents, a space in which you can read the title and access the section of interest.

Now that you understand this analogy, it is easier to reflect on what would happen if that same page. In conclusion, did not have a summary of the topics and subtopics addressed, right?

In conclusion, Note that the lack of references would force the user to scroll down analyzing each of the. Sections to detect which ones, in fact, interest them. What a waste of time!

What function does a table of contents have

Most importantly, The main function of a table of contents is to organize the document so that the reader can easily BX Leads find the information they need.

Similarly, Beyond saving time, accessing data as soon as you need it in just a few clicks allows you to make decisions with a higher level of assertiveness , as people can get quick answers about a specific question.

After that, To understand this point, just imagine what would happen if you are a few minutes away from starting a decisive meeting on a project and you verify that a concept is not yet clear to you.

In addition, When researching on the Internet, a complete ebook with more than 3 thousand words distributed in 10 sections appears on the first pages of Google results .

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