Responses to letters from cinemas, represented by the Association of Cinema Owners and the Public Union of Independent Cinemas, received from the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Economic Development, caused serious debate within the industry. Your Dasha joined them, sharing her vision of the situation. They gave the command to read and answer. I do it only out of love for art and respect for the editor-in-chief, because there is nothing to answer here. Here, look, I will basically leave the answer from the Ministry of Economic Development without comment. There’s just a lot. No creativity at all. The standard list of what, so, everyone has learned. Including even me. S

Voring and useless because it doesn’t work in practice

There are, you are told, preferential loans. Go ahead and take it. They don’t – sorry. They do exist. The fact that you have some problems there is not our problem. Everything is fine with us at the Ministry of Economic Development: vacation Chile Phone Number List according to the schedule, the salary is clearly on schedule, maybe a little less – but there is also a bonus. You, too, seem to have had a choice: there is nothing to pull on as an entrepreneurial garment, everyone should urgently become civil servants. Khazin, you say, has he already raised the topic of preferential loans and now he needs to write about all cases of non-issuance of them? I don’t know who.

Khazin is, I know that now they are

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Talking only about loans for agriculture, processing, logistics and tourism. So those who do not want to work in budgetary organizations quickly BX Leads build glampings, hotels, tent camps in orderly rows. Everything needs to be taught to you. Or let’s, like smart metropolitan cinema networks, serve everyone in the festival ranks. On August 19, the next fourth special competition of the PFKI was announced. There is still a month to prepare applications for holding competitions for the military-historical festival of debut short films.

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