Blending craft and process

How do you do this? It all comes down Blending craft  to that documented content marketing strategy. Michael Porter, a founder of the modern field of strategy, said, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” CMI founder Joe Pulizzi has been talking about strategy documents for years, but they’re more important than ever. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do, says MichaelEPorter. #productivityClick to Tweet Once your content marketing strategy is documented, be very focused and only work on things that support your strategy.

Align Blending craft metrics to goals

And you know what? Almost every year, brand category email list awareness was the number one goal and website traffic was the number one metric. We’ve also learned over the years that goals and metrics are highly dependent on your organization’s context e.g., your content marketing maturity level, your prospects’ unique buyer journeys, your annual revenue goals). This time I switched to focusing on a single question. How well an organization aligns its metrics with its content marketing goals. Only of marketers rate metrics that align their organization with content marketing goals as “excellent” or “very good” of top performers and of least successful. Least effective. Again, even top performers have room for improvement.

Blending craft

Consider building an audience through subscriptions and mining Bx Leads  that subscription list for leads (as your audience engages with your content). But don’t ignore the possibility of the opposite situation. Kim Moutsos, vice president of editorial at CMI, points out: “If your lead generation work is good, you can get subscribers at the same time as you get leads. Just like you can mine subscriber leads, you can also mine subscriber leads. For example: Offer an opt-in to the newsletter on the download thank you page or from within the PDF, infographic, or video.”

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