Times have completely changed. Just showing movies is no longer enough to keep the industry going. The last 2 years have shown that for the existence of film screening, it is necessary to achieve by all means the necessary support from the state, since the factors that have fallen on the heads of cinema owners do not fit into the usual realities of the market at all. The crisis that began back in 2020, without having had time to end, resulted in an even more critical situation in which no departments or federal government agencies extended a helping hand to the industry. And they won’t last. No more waiting and hoping that everything will happen by itself. Over the past six months, there was not even the means, even the strength, to set up relations with representatives of the film screening.

The Minister of

Culture runs from cinemas like fire. The rest of the departments only forward all appeals to the Ministry of Culture, which is still “in constant dialogue with the industry, holding meetings with representatives of various associations and film networks, distribution companies, at which problems are discussed in connection with the current situation in the industry, as well as proposed ways their decisions.” The Association of Cinema Owners also dropped their hands, seeing such an attitude towards them. Is it time to give up?

Of course not. seeing such an attitude towards them

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Is it time to give up? Of course not. seeing such an attitude towards them. Is it time to give up? Of course not. It’s time to engage in cultural life, which includes cinemas, when necessary. Open the Internet and find all cultural events, all forums, pitchings, rallies, get-togethers and be sure to sign up for them. Every cultural worker, every official and a BX Leads simple resident of your region should know what is the status of a film screening. If your region is visited by the Minister of Culture, this is a great chance to show off. But we won’t stop there. On August 27, on Cinema Day, screenings should be held in all. Regions of the country, to which the media, deputies. Mayors, governors, and representatives of departments, primarily the Ministry of Culture, should be invited.

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