Again Everything in Its Angles

Our regular reader and film industry expert breaks into the measured life of the CINEMAPLEX online publication with her new blog. Dasha has been working in the industry since childhood, loves movies and the smell of fresh popcorn in the morning. With all his heart he is rooting for domestic film screening and closely follows current trends. blog your Dasha Sooner or later, this bacchanalia must end. A pandemic is either an epidemic, or something unknown to anyone will receive its assessment in historical time. However, what is happening now in our industry is a litmus test of the whole ambiguous process that happened on the film distribution market a few years ago.

We are not in the same boat

Swan, cancer and pike are about us. And when you need to share money from the Cinema Fund, and when you need to save business in the truest sense of the word. At first, we, having lost all our revenue at one moment, even before the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Governor’s Decrees, only due to the fact of a Slovenia Phone Number List sharp and rapid transfer of even domestic releases, were not included in the list of branches of economic activity. We were forgotten. There are budgetary cultural institutions that are subordinate to the Ministry of Culture. And there are private cinemas and entertainment chains, which, it seems, are domestic enterprises, but with some Hollywood rottenness, which means with an excellent safety cushion, which, apparently, in the opinion of the country’s leadership, is a priori. Therefore, our OKVED was not on the list.

The Association of Cinema

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Owners, a number of active businessmen from cinemas launched a written attack on officials. The industry needs help. Is it true. They spoke in these letters about themselves – about the film demonstrators. While some were BX Leads crying, the producers, in a hurry, sent some of the films directly to online cinemas. And at the same time they asked for help. As it turned out, the Association of Distributors also applied to a number of Ministries. As a result, whoever was supposed to receive this help will receive it. And without any OKVED. Either as leading companies in production, or as backbone companies. Some may even get lucky twice if they happen to be both.

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