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A woman learns from an early age to go against her hormonal cycle to adapt to the male schule, although there are very distinct phases that can significantly alter these skills (both positive and negative) during the month (Forbes, ). If given the opportunity to work with, and not against, their natural -day cycle, women could greatly increase their productivity and happiness in the workplace, rucing burnout and stress.” Tell us about an inspiring female role model Justine.

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Life are inspirational to me, from my seo expate bd family and close friends to my colleagues. I have notic that they all have in common a combination of proactivity, determination and empathy, which contribute to achieving great results, while also leaving the world and the people around them better than they found them.” Jade: “Narrowing it down to just one inspirational woman in my life would certainly be tough, to say the least, but the one woman who continues to fight a battle every day is Imogen. More specifically, my partner’s cousin, Imogen lives with a chronic illness that challenges her every day of her life.

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Nausea and much more, she will never be BX Leads overwhelm by her body. Her normality is our worst day, but every time I see Imogen, she never fails to show her beautiful smile, and she is a strong activist herself, using her illness to raise awareness and challenge the norms social.” Hanna: “Actually, there is not one but (at least) three women. Audrey Hepburn. Franca Sozzani. My mother. Audrey, for her intelligence, attitude and humanitarian commitment. She has always been the symbol of perfection. Franca, because she transform Vogue Italia into a masterpiece. Her work reflects all my aspirations – a meeting point between fashion, art and socio-political commentary. And my mother, for her indescribable strength and resilience.

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