They judge by themselves

These citizens, the producers, are afraid of only one thing: if there is a compulsory license, then the owners of cinemas will steal their masterpieces from them. As it used to be then, in the dark “pre-Earth” times of the film distribution. So the people say, and the people, we remember, know and see everything. In general, there is no trust in the industry, as it never was. Now a film screening is a patient with shortness of breath, to whom, like a doctor (MK), he came. On a separate call from my mother or neighbor – the Federation Council, for example. Do something with him, help him how, asks the doctor. He is thinking.

They sit like this for 10 hours and wait for what the specialist will say

The patient began to choke. The doctor finally says, “Yeah. For ten hours, not a single offer from the patient than to treat him. There is no need to wave your hands – state how to help you. That’s it, you say. No. I won’t give you the medicine right away – suddenly you survive and ask for more. It is forbidden. What else do you offer? No, I’m not a pharmacy, it’s for them, write an application, maybe they will bring it, or maybe not. Unconstructive, citizen patient, you are saving yourself. Disappointed, bro. They also put imported powder in their mouths. Ah-ah-ah, you will have to call supervision. Not breathing anymore? Happens.

I’m in a hurry – I’ve done my job

Gentlemen producers, here’s a ready-made series for channels or online cinemas. With tears, long, melodramatic. Everyone gets pissed off. You will still earn money, as you like. The year exposed all the contradictions in the film distribution and showed the alignment of the players on this field. Apparently, they decided to sacrifice an independent private film screening for the sake of other figures. They forgot only one thing – a pawn that has reached the promotion square can become any piece of the same color, except for the king. At the choice of the player. So move on to cinemas in 2023. For strong courageous entrepreneurs, whom we wish to win in 2023 and take their place in the cinema market – to be the link between the viewer and the film itself.

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